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Care facility

Caritas Augsburg

The Caritas Augsburg Betriebsträger GmbH is a modern, social welfare service company with 15 facilities for the aged and handicapped persons in the diocese of Augsburg. After 16 years the floor covering at the senior citizens home of Caritas was ready for restoration.

Leighton Hospital

Leighton Hospital, part of Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MCHFT), had faced problems and delays when renovating multiple floors in key areas within the hospital. 

New homey atmosphere in the retirement home - floors changed without breakdown

The Am Burghof retirement home in Lippstadt is enjoying great popularity thanks to its familial atmosphere. When the Knippschild family took over managing the house in 2008, only the floors in the hallways and lounge areas didn’t meet the ideas of the head of the company in terms of cosiness and a comfortable atmosphere.

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