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Kreikamp Projectinrichting has set up various cinemas for Pathé cinemas, including the cinema at the new Eemplein construction project in Amersfoort: a beautiful cinema with 8 screens and a total of 1,700 seats.


Building type Public building

New construction for Pathé Cinemas Amersfoort

Pathé Cinemas had the design drawn up by Architect studio NAÇO (Paris) in collaboration with Dutch architect and designer Robert Helmink from Bu Roh (Vorden). For Pathé Cinemas, it was important for their house colours, red and purple, to be incorporated into the design. It was also essential for the materials selected to be suitable for the intensive use typical of a cinema.


In terms of their layout, Pathé cinemas are characterised by the use of striking colours and shapes. For example, they work a lot with circles and surfaces in a different colour. To bring together various disciplines, materials and parties, it was decided use the co-ordination and implementation expertise of Kreikamp Projectinrichting which, thanks to its vast experience, is able to manage the hectic schedule of a job of this calibre.

In the various spaces, different types of floor covering and Arturo poured flooring and coatings were used. (Carpet: Dansk Wilton Colortec 1500 in various colours (own import) Vinyl corridors: Forbo Flooring Eternal, Forbo Flooring Sarlon, Armstrong Cenit Clean-up: Coral brush)

The next new Pathé cinema is already being planned by Kreikamp Projectinrichting! The renovation of Pathé Scheveningen is planned for summer 2013.

Products used


Fast-drying, ready-to-use primer, can be used on and under all UZIN cement and calcium sulphate levelling compounds. Reduces substrate absorbency, penetrates well into the Substrate and also has film forming properties. Can also be used on walls.

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar UZIN NC 170 LevelStar

Extremely smooth and quick setting cementitious levelling compound with Level Plus Effect S for any thickness range

UZIN KE 2000 S UZIN KE 2000 S

Strong dispersion-based adhesive with short open time for application with the pressure sensitive, wet set adhesive and double-drop bonding method. The premium universal adhesive product.


Low-slump, fine and very fast setting cement smoothing compound for any thickness range

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