How to securely install wood flooring in domestic bathrooms?

With codex Hydrostop and UZIN MK 92 S.

In addition to large format tiles, wood flooring in the bathroom is a top trend when designing high quality wet rooms or areas. Protecting the substrate and the screed construction against ingress of moisture is the most important factor for being able to maintain the appearance of the wooden surface in the long term.

Thanks to the codex Hydrostop sealing sheet, you will obtain the desired sealing and protection for the structure against damages caused by ingress of water from above. In addition, the underlay provides stress-relief for the substrate. The wood flooring and the sealing sheet are bonded safely and solvent-free using the proven 2-component PUR wood flooring adhesive UZIN MK 92 S.


Processing film: Install wood flooring in the bathroom securely.

Image gallery: Install wood flooring in the bathroom securely.

Ernst Wohlleb

Ernst Wohlleb

Head of technical services UZIN

« A installation system by UZIN and codex allows a perfect installation of wood flooring in wet rooms, from the supporting substrate through to the wood surface. »



Hard, shear-resistant and quick-setting universal wood flooring adhesive for all types of wood flooring

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