How can luxury floor covering be installed quickly, securely and guaranteed dimensionally stable?

With Sigan Elements Plus.

The constantly growing variety of PVC luxury floor covering places top requirements on adhesives and installation materials since they often react with the floor covering. This results in joint formation from dimensional changes or tensions due to substance migration. The metal-reinforced special adhesive system of Sigan® Elements Plus counteracts even massive plasticiser impact and thus guarantees dimension-stabilising effect on PVC flooring elements. The risk of joint formation is minimised.

Of course, all known switchTec® advantages are included: Sigan® Elements Plus is time-saving, clean, secure, permanent, and can be removed without residues  even years later.


Processing film: Install luxury floor coverings fast, securely, and with dimensional stability.

Image gallery: Install luxury floor coverings fast, securely, and with dimensional stability.

Ernst Wohlleb

Ernst Wohlleb

Head of technical services UZIN

« Sigan Elements Plus is a world novelty and represents an absolute unique product without competition for the installation of luxury floor covering. »

Sigan Elements Plus

Sigan Elements Plus

switchTec® High-performance dry adhesive for installing LVT luxury flooring or PVC floor coverings in single elements



switchTec® Primer for preparing for bonding with Sigan 1, Sigan Elements Plus, or Sigan Elements Plus

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