From now on, the levelling compound technology with the Level Plus Effect will be expanded by the S. A new composition improves the binding properties and drying reaction. This makes our new levelling compounds even faster, stronger, and more secure than they were before. UZIN sets the standard for achieving covering readiness at just six hours with premium levelling compounds.

The new technology can be used with two products from Generation S. UZIN NC 112 Turbo, the first of its kind and the fastest-drying gypsum levelling compound in the world, and the refined UZIN NC 112 NEW, which guarantees secure covering readiness overnight, even for adverse building site conditions.





Reliable drying even in unfavourable climatic conditions, due to high water retention in comparison to conventional levelling compounds.   


Strong surface strength and high strength development because of the high-quality raw materials.   


Ready to accept fl oor coverings after 6 hours because of an innovative, reactive binding agent and new additive.






UZIN NC 112 Turbo

The world’s fastest gypsum levelling compound

With UZIN NC 112 Turbo, UZIN introduces an absolute world novelty on the subject of readiness for covering of gypsum levelling compounds. The name of the program is Turbo: Thanks to the new, reactive bonding agent combination and innovative additives the portion of the mixing water bound by the levelling compound and which is not disseminated into the environment, such as room or substrate, could be increased.

The result: Less water needs to evaporate. UZIN NC 112 Turbo, with a drying time of only six hours at a thickness up to 5 mm, hereby sets a new standard for readiness for covering of gypsum levelling compounds. 24 hours are standard on the market. This has become possible through the new “Super Fast Technology” from UZIN. This innovative formula combines the advantages of gypsum-based products with those of cementitious levelling compounds.
In interaction with the continuously developed Level Plus Effect, which has become the Level Plus Effect S, where the outstanding current properties of the former have been expanded by the criteria faster, more reliable and stronger, the result is now: no more unproductive waiting times and no more second trips to the job site.

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UZIN NC 170 LevelStar NEW  

For even more safer drying.

The introduction of the premium levelling compound UZIN NC 170 LevelStar in 2009 has set a standard that has been unparalleled so far. But we always look at ways to continually improve our products. We have therefore developed the Level Plus Effect with a new type of bonding agent technology, which we have called the Level Plus Effect S. The outstanding characteristics, such as superior fl ow, the excellent absorption capacity despite the high strength, and a very smooth surface, are preserved. However, UZIN NC 170 LevelStar NEW is now even more reliable, faster and stronger. Thanks to the new, reactive binding agent and innovative additive, a larger proportion of the mixing water is bound within the levelling compound. As a result less water evaporates and the levelling compound dries quicker.   

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar NEW is ready accept most floor coverings after just six hours when applied at 5 mm. Therefore setting a new benchmark for standard drying levelling compounds. The new “Super Fast Technology” from UZIN also improves the drying performance even in poor climate conditions.

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