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UZIN Fondur HighTack

1-Comp. Hybrid Structural Adhesive

UZIN Fondur HighTack

Universal, hybrid-based structural adhesive with extra high initial adhesion

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Low-slump structural adhesive with high initial adhesion for the bonding of a wide variety of materials

Areas of application

  • For bonding skirting boards and profiles, e.g. from metal, wood, hard PVC, cork, and similar
  • For bonding rails, rods or other jointing parts
  • For bonding insulating and decorative materials, wall panels, and similar

Product benefits / properties

  • high initial adhesion
  • extremely fast strength development
  • resilient
  • can be brushed / varnished
  • solvent-free

Plastic cartridge



Shelf life

min. 12 months

Working temperature

+10 °C until + 35 °C

Temperature exposure (cured condition)

-30 °C until +80 °C

Skin formation time / working time

approx. 5 minutes*

Hardening time

approx. 2.5 mm / day

Setting time

after 3 - 5 days*

Shore A hardness (DIN 53 505)

70 ± 7

Volume shrinkage (DIN, EN, ISO 10 563)

max. 3 %


depending on the application


*At 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity.

Article No. Shipping unit
100 cartons
12 x 310 ml

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