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UZIN AS 51 Express

Screed additive to reduces the amount of water

UZIN AS 51 Express

Additiv to reduce the water required and shorten the setting time of cementitious screeds

Data sheet

Consumption calculator

  • Reduces the amount of water
  • Shortens the setting time of cementitious screeds

Areas of application

  • Cementitious bonded screeds
  • Cementitious screeds on separating membrane or insulation
  • Floating screeds
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Cementitious top-coats (garages, shops)

Product benefits / properties

  • Reduces the amount of water up to 25 %
  • Shortens the setting time
  • Reduces tension and cracks
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • High plastifying effect
  • Increased strength
  • Heat after 5 days
  • No remoistening till a relative humidity of 90 %
  • Ready for foot traffic after 24 hours
  • Addition as powder

Quality seals and badges

  • EMICODE EC 1 - Very low-emission

Plastic bucket with a suitable
measuring cup

Pack size

10 kg

Shelf life

min. 12 months




0.25 % (weight of cement)

Working temperature

min. 5 °C

Hazard characteristics


Water/cement value

max. 0.5

Working time

90 – 120 min.*

Ready for covering*

after 12 – 14 days**


* At 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity.
** For screed thicknesses up to 5 cm and 7 cm with underfloor heating.

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