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UZIN SC 1800 Finish

2-Component Silicate Sealer

UZIN SC 1800 Finish

Silicate sealer, colourless and open to vapour diffusion

Data sheet

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  • For high mechanical loads
  • Increases resistance against water, road salt, fuels, and lubricants
  • Improves cleaning properties
  • Reduces tendency to soil

Areas of application

  • For high mechanical loads in commercial areas and industrial areas
  • Substrates with no visual requirement for the surface
  • On mineral coating UZIN SC 993
  • Screeds with UZIN SC 980
  • Screeds with UZIN SC 989

Product benefits / properties

  • Easy to apply
  • Good penetration capacity
  • Quick drying
  • Open to vapour diffusion
  • Reduced tendency to soil
  • Improved cleaning capability
  • For high mechanical loads

Plastic combination pack

Shelf life

min. 6 months

Colour liquid/dry



approx. 50 g/m² per layer

Working temperature

min. 15 °C at ground level (min. 3 °C above dew point)

Mixing ratio

A:B = 4:1

Working time

approx. 60 minutes

Set to traffic

after approx. 24 hours

Article No. Packsize Shipping unit
82278 2.5 kg

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