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UZIN Multimoll Top 12

Comfort Insulating Board

UZIN Multimoll Top 12

Stress-relief board for increasing underfoot and ambient comfort for subsequent installation of wood flooring and floor covering

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  • Absorbs impact sound and insulates heat - increases underfoot and ambient comfort
  • Height levelling for entire area (approx. 12 mm) - reduces costly renovation work
  • Stress and tension relief - ideal for renovating work

Areas of application

Main area of application:

  • Increases underfoot and ambient comfort
  • Impact sound and heat insulation
  • Tension and stress relief

Extended area of application:

  • Fabricating a substrate ready for covering
  • Height compensation of existing substrates

Suitable for use on:

  • cementitious screeds, calcium sulphate screeds or concrete
  • old substrates with strongly bonded compound and adhesive layers
  • new and old, firmly screw-fixed chipboard P4 - P7 or OSB 2 - OSB 4 panels
  • mastic asphalt screeds
  • precast screeds, gypsum fibre boards
  • warm water underfloor heating (upon consultation with UZIN Application Engineering)
  • for high wear in residential, commercial, and industrial areas, e.g. in hospitals, shopping centres

Product benefits / properties

  • Universal use
  • Tension and stress relief
  • Suitable for height compensation
  • Easy to process
  • Impact sound and heat insulating properties
  • Improves underfoot and ambient comfort
  • For interior use

Quality seals and badges

  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS - Very low-emission
  • "Blue Angel" (RAL UZ 156/low-emission and hence environmentally friendly)
Blue Angel_GB_UZ156


Board size

0.6 m x 1.0 m = 0.6 m²

Board thickness

approx. 12 mm

Shelf life

min. 24 months


white mottled

Area weight

approx. 8.4 kg/m²

Traffic load capacity

approx. 5 kN/m²

Acoustic insulation improvement*

approx. 13 dB*

Thermal resistance (R)**

0.127 m²K/W

Thermal conductance (U)**

7.78 W/m²K

Building materials class***



* According to EN ISO 10140-3:2010, tested with 2-layer pre-finished wood flooring 10 mm, in combination with UZIN MK 250

** According to DIN EN 12 667

*** According to DIN 4102

Article No. Packsize Shipping unit
79727 5 x 1 m x 0.6 m
10 boxes / 30 m²
3 m²

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