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Special Screed Cement


Special binder for the fabrication of leightweight substrates in interior and exterior areas in conjunction with the UZIN Turbolight-System

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  • Rapid drying even with high thicknesses, saves setting time
  • Low-tension, can be used securely
  • For certified Thermozell and Thermobound polystyol granulate

Areas of application

  • Thermozell of Thermozell Co. (200 l bag)
  • Thermobound of EPS Leichtbeton GmbH (200 l bag)
  • other styrofoam granulates upon request
  • as light weight mortar in the UZIN Turbolight-System bonded or on separating layer (2 bags per 200 l Styrofoam granulate)
  • as light weight mortar under precast screed constructions (2 bag per 200 l styrofoam granulate) up to max. 2 kN single or surface load
  • as light levelling compound under screed constructions conforming to standards (DIN 18 560 – Part 2) (1 bag per 200 l styrofoam granulate)
  • on concrete subfloors
  • on wooden beam ceilings
  • on substrates with mixed patches

Product benefits / properties

  • Ready for covering for screed constructions conforming to standards after 2 days
  • Very easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Pumpable with common screed equipment

Quality seals and badges

  • GISCODE ZP 1 - Low chromate content according to EU regulation 1907/2006 (REACH)
  • EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS - Very low-emission

Paper bag

Shelf life

min. 6 months

Mixing ratio

2 bags binding agent on 200 l styrofoam granulate

(Thermozell and Thermobound)

Required water quantity

22 - 23 l per 200 l (Thermozell)

22 - 23 l per 200 l (Thermobound)




a mixture of 50 kg UZIN SC 910, 200 L styrofoam granulate, and 23 l water yields approx. 180 l light weight mortar

Working temperature

+10 °C to 25 °C at floor level

Mixing time

2 - 3 minutes

Working time

60 minutes*

Set to traffic

after 1 day*

Ready for covering

after 2 days for UZIN thin screeds UZIN NC 195 and UZIN SC 995*

Thickness (light levelling mortar)

Bonded: 5 - 300 mm

On separating layer: 30 - 300 mm


*At >10 °C and maximum 80% relative humidity.

Article No. Packsize Shipping unit
74505 25 kg
74506 900 kg BigBag (delivery upon request)
1 BigBag

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