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UZIN PUR Accelerator

UZIN PUR Accelerator

Accelerator for 2-component PUR products

Data sheet

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  • Accelerator for faster application and hardening of 2-component PUR products indoors and outdoors

Areas of application

  • for accelerating the reaction of 2-component PUR adhesives, e.g. UZIN KR 430 or UZIN MK 92 S
  • for accelerating PUR levelling compound UZIN KR 410
  • for accelerating PUR mortars created in combination with special filler UZIN XS and UZIN KR 410
  • for interior and exterior use

Product benefits / properties

  • Easy dosing
  • Minimises waiting times
  • No affect on adhesive properties
  • No effect on flowing properties of UZIN KR 410

Glass vials in box



Shelf life

min. 24 months

Working temperature

min. 2 °C at floor level


up to 0.25% for selected PUR adhesive or PUR levelling compound

Pot life of accelerated material

specific to product

Article No. Packsize Shipping unit
56041 20 ml
100 boxes
10 x 20 ml

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