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2-Component conductive epoxy adhesive


Paste-like, water-free 2-component reactive resin adhesive with electrically conductive pigments and fibres. UZIN KR 421 L prevents voltage potential from occurring and reduces electrostatic charges to a minimum.

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  • High strength with simultaneous flexibility
  • Very high bonding adhesion
  • Specially for conductive (special) installations

Areas of application

  • for conductive rubber floor coverings in tiles
  • for conductive PVC floor coverings in tiles
  • for conductive linoleum in tiles
  • for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • for malleable or resilient substrates
  • suitable for warm water underfloor heating
  • for exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529
  • for heavy wear in residential, commercial, and industrial areas

Product benefits / properties

  • Flexible and hard-elastic
  • Resistant to water, temperature, and chemicals
  • Alkaline-resistant
  • Very high dimensional stability

Quality seals and badges

  • GISCODE RE 2 - Low-solvent

Metal combi-can

Shelf life

min. 12 months

Colour liquid/dry



200 - 600 g/m²

Working temperature

min. 15 °C at floor level

Pot life

approx. 45 minutes*

Open time

20 - 40 minutes*

Working time

10 - 60 minutes*

Set to traffic

after approx. 12 hours*

Final strength

after 3 - 5 days*

sealing/filling joints

after 12 - 24 hours*


*At 20 °C and 65% relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate.

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