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UZIN SC 989 Strong

Low-shrinkage top-coat rapid cement

UZIN SC 989 Strong

Accelerated special cement for producing low-shrinkage, dimensionally stable top-coats for interior and exterior use

Data sheet

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  • Very high strength for high quality and and heavy loads
  • Shrinkage drying for a non-defective performance
  • Early set to traffic and set to covering, therefore rapid screed work is possible
UZIN SC 989 Strong


  • Top coat screed bonded, on a seperating layer and on a insulating layer
  • High demands on the strength
  • Cementitious heating screeds
  • Top coat screeds for interiour and exteriour use
  • Heavy duty for use in commercial and industrial areas, e.g. factories
  • Subsequent impregnation with UZIN SC 1800 Finish


  • Deformation-free and low-tension
  • Large areas without joints
  • Very long working time
  • Very high strength
  • Early usable, also with unforable climatic conditions
  • Waterproof

Paper bag

Shelf life

min. 6 month

Mixing ratio binding agent / sand:

1 : 4 parts by weight
1 : 3 parts by weight


Required water quantity**

max. 30 litres

max. 40 litres

Water / cement value

max. 0.45

max. 0.40





See “Application table” in the product data sheet

Working temperature

+5 °C to 25 °C at floor level


Mixing time

2 - 3 minutes

Working time

3 - 4 hours*

Set to traffic

after 24 hours*

Ready to covering

after 3 days for all coverings*


* At >10 °C and max. 80% relative humidity.
** per 200 l mix, depending on moisture of sand.

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