How can old substrates be renovated dust-free and without drying time?

With UZIN RenoTop PLUS.

With UZIN RenoTop PLUS, UZIN offers a multi-layer, insulating subfloor system that meets the requirements for effective impact sound protection and removal without residues. Since new flooring must frequently be installed in lived-in or used rooms, the installation of the subfloor should disturb the end user as little as possible.

With UZIN RenoTop PLUS,the processor is able to produce a substrate that is immediately ready for covering and traffic, without too much exposure to noise or dustUZIN RenoTop PLUS consists of a support and cover panel, which is connected by a contact adhesive applied at the factory. With a structure height of about 10 mm, UZIN RenoTop PLUS is practical for subsequent installation of a number of floor coverings.

Processing film: Renovate old substrates, dust free.

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Ernst Wohlleb

Ernst Wohlleb

Head of technical services UZIN

« UZIN RenoTop PLUS is the best solution for manufacturing an acoustic grade and insulated substrate quickly and free of dust. »

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