How can luxury vinyl tiles be installed quickly and reliably onto damp and contaminated substrates?

With UZIN RR 185 and Sigan Elements Plus.

Substrates with high residual moisture or contamination from oil and grease usually require elaborate and expensive subfloor preparation. This work can be bypassed by using the reinforcement underlay UZIN RR 185. Combined with Sigan Elements Plus a unique system is created for the perfect installation of luxury vinyl tiles.

The metal-reinforced special adhesive system of Sigan® Elements Plus can counteract massive plasticiser migration and thus guarantees dimension stable installations. New floor coverings can be installed quickly and easily, without causing dust, dirt or noise. It is therefore ideal for use in retail environments because it causes little disruption. The system also allows for a low build-up height. In the event of future renovating the entire system, including the floor covering, can be removed without leaving any residues.


Processing film: Install luxury floor coverings on damp, soiled substrates.

Image gallery: Install luxury floor coverings on damp, soiled substrates.

Ernst Wohlleb

Ernst Wohlleb

Head of technical services UZIN

« Sigan Elements Plus in combination with UZIN RR 185 is a unique and innovative system for the perfect installation of luxury floor coverings onto damp or contaminated substrates. »

Sigan Elements Plus

Sigan Elements Plus

switchTec® High-performance dry adhesive for installing LVT luxury flooring or PVC floor coverings in single elements



Flexible, loose-laid, stabilising and damp-proofing underlay

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