UZIN CUBE it simple – new packaging, many advantages


Faster decanting, easier disposal, space saving – this is UZIN CUBE it simple. Since June, the packaging Uzin has used for some if its primers have made things easier at construction sites. CUBE it simple is a very sturdy, resealable plastic bag with outer packaging from a cardboard carton, which can be easily emptied and disposed off in a space-saving manner.

Is the packaging sturdy enough?

The outer carton was developed especially for your requirements and tested extensively for use at construction sites.

Which products are now available in the UZIN CUBE it simple packaging?

UZIN PE 260, UZIN PE 360 PLUS are currently available in the pack sizes 5 kg and 10 kg and UZIN Terraprimo 5 kg.

What are the benefits of UZIN CUBE it simple?

Safe and easy to use

The new carton packaging is rugged, offers high safety in transport and ensures easy handling.

Simple and complete emptying

With UZIN CUBE it simple the primers can now be decanted quickly, without gurgling and it provides maximum protection against splashes or causing a mess.

In addition, the installer can easily empty UZIN CUBE it simple completely by squeezing out the plastic bag.

Less waste, less CO2, less energy

Because the cartons can be folded after use, the space requirement for empty packages is reduced by 85% compared to a plastic canister. The outer carton is made from recyclable material and can be simply recycled with other cardboard. Leftover plastic is also reduced by almost 75% compared to conventional canisters so the tradesman saves handling large amounts of waste.

As the packaging is recyclable the sustainability of this packaging is significantly increased compared to conventional plastic canisters. For manufacturing this means less resources required, less CO2 generated and less energy demand.

Easy to stack less space required in the warehouse

The CUBE it simple packaging is ideal to stack because of its size and shape. Compared to the plastic canisters, the overall weight per pallet can be increased, for 10 kg containers to 120 kg and for 5 kg containers to 190 kg. This significantly reduces the required amount of space and at the same time, saves storage costs compared to canisters.