The UZIN Anniversary Selection

The top 15 for over 90% of all applications!

With a big product range it is often difficult to keep the overview. The solution is straightforward, because only a small number of products are needed to cover the main application fields.

Therefore UZIN has put together a selection of 15 products, which when used as a system, can be used in over 90% of all application cases: the UZIN Anniversary Selection.

The UZIN Selection Plus comprises 15 of the most important UZIN products including the top 3 with switchTech®-adhesive-technology. This new innovative adhesive technology has made the UZIN Selection even better. 

UZIN of course continues to offer the proven product range for special applications.


12 reasons to buy from the UZIN Anniversary Selection:
1. Target-oriented product choice
2. Reliable application
3. Proven system solutions
4. Proven brand quality
5. Expert specialist advice
6. Application technology support
7. Comprehensive product information
8. Easy ordering
9. Fast delivery service
10. Efficient storage
11. Professional installation of all floor coverings
12. The reliable basis for your success